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Welcome to the Canterbury Box Shop web site! We create handcrafted Shaker inspired woodworks using traditional Shaker techniques. Our selection of Shaker boxes and trays come in several styles. If you're looking for a unique item for yourself or a gift for someone special, we may have exactly what you're looking for!

Milk Painted Oval Shaker Boxes

Our Milk Painted Oval Shaker Boxes are handcrafted with quality cherry wood, utilizing traditional techniques formed by the Shaker community.

We hand select the rough cherry boards and then re-saw them into usable pieces that we are able to work with. The fingers on each box are hand carved, with precise care. Each piece is then soaked in a hot water bath for up to a half hour and then bent around a wooden form to shape.

We use a natural based milk paint to get the richest colors possible. Each piece has several coats of paint for the best quality.


Milk Painted Oval Boxes (assorted sizes) $40.00 - 102.00

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Oval boxes were created by the Shakers for their simplicity and functionality. Today they are recognized throughout the world as a true work of art.

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